Cypress Gen 6.0 Controller

  • Easy to use, productive in minutes
  • Accurate measuring
  • Standard system with all Axis heads
  • Retrofit to almost any head with our conversion kits
  • Wired cab to head communication
  • Simple interface to navigate menus
  • Hardware is simplified for install
  • On board diagnostics
  • Settings are simple and easy to set up
  • Change button mapping live
  • Each operator has their own button mapping
  • Production data is transferred to our online portal, no cell service required
  • Software updates are performed by bluetooth connection, no cell service required


The Cypress Measuring System is the result of listening to logger feedback and creating a simplified, easy to use, compact and powerful measuring system capable of fitting onto most heads, but especially designed for the Rebel heads.  Becoming an OEM measuring system of choice, Cypress Robotics is considered one of the top measuring systems in the market.  Order yours today! 


Financing (USA)

Balboa Capital provides financing for clients based in the USA.  If you'd like to apply, please click on the link below.