Rebel T22HD Processor

  • 3" to 30" Wood
  • High torque motor package
  • Tough new frame
  • 360 continuous rotation
  • Auto tension 3/4" x 35" main saw
  • Saw Bar Limiting and one-touch cut
  • 0.404" top saw
  • Cast or fabricated delimb arms
  • Cypress Robotics Measure system
  • Contactless magnetic length encoder


Introducing the Rebel: Born from our history and experience of rebuilding other brands of heads, the Rebel is a result of our constant improvement to our craft of building tough heads. Our Rebel brand embodies a commitment to excellence which is evident in every meticulously crafted component. From its robust high-strength frame to the high performance measuring system, the Rebel redefines the standards of quality. When you choose Rebel, you're choosing the best.


Weight 2,482 kg / 5,470 lbs
Max Harvest Tilt 120 Degrees
Rotation 360 Continuous
Carrier 20-25 Ton
Hydraulic Oil 360 lpm / 95 gpm
Max Delimb Opening 76cm / 30inches
Drive Rollers 3
Max Drive Arms Opening 78 cm / 31 inches
Outer Motor CC 1043cc
Fixed Motor CC 630 cc
Feed Speed (est) 5.2 m/s - 17 ft/sec
Bar Length 35.5" 
Chain Pitch 3/4"
Chain Tension Auto-Tension
Bar Length 74 cm / 29 inches
Chain Pitch 0.404"
Chain Tension Manual Tension
Cypress Robotics Can control Harvester, Grapples, Heel Rack, Cab Tilting without modifications
Length Contactless Encoder
Diameter Cylinder Transducers
Saw Sensors Cylinder Transducers / Proximity Switch


Financing (USA)

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